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These configuration files and scripts has worked for us well. We can not give a 100 % guarantee that they will work for you, since no system is the same and versions of drivers / tools change quickly - have a look at the code and adjust it in accordance to your setup and demands. We do not bear any responsibility for misuse of all scripts, tools and configuration files posted at this site.

If you think we have missed on something that should be included in that list please e-mail authors at wifoo@arhont.com

Configuration files - the common configuration files we use, tuned for different scenarious and for quick change between specific tasks.

pcmcia-cs-3.1.31-patched old good pcmcia-cs sources patched to use the orinoco drivers for the monkey_jack / kraker_jack attacks. Also contain RFMON-friendly Cisco Aironet driver sources
pcmcia-wlan-ng Self-explanatory
pcmcia-hermes were used with Orinoco, Buffalo and Intel Hermes chipset cards
pcmcia-hostap HostAP used with various Prism 2/2.5 chipset cards including SMC and Senao
pcmcia-vt_ar5k used with Atheros chipset cards
pcmcia-airjack Any Prism chipset card should use Airjack with these
pcmcia-triple Hermes (airjack - patched drivers) + Prism (Airjack), also supports Cisco Aironet with Aironet drivers (but so are the rest of the configs above)
Useful scripts - that should help you in your "penetration testing"
Fake-AP-improved Fake-AP modified by us to be able to flood with probe request frames at a given rate. Useful for stress-testing wireless IDS solutions.
Appendix G Appendix G - Wireless Penetration Testing Template
Aircrack_v141-patch Patch for aircrack v141. Cracking speed is increased by 75%
Aircrack_v202-patch Patch for aircrack v202. Cracking speed is increased by 75%
Aircrack_v210-patch Patch for aircrack v210. Further speed improvements

Void11 auxillary scripts

A few scripts that handle buffer overfilling issues when running Void11 and automate sending 802.11 frames with this tool.