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Satellite security

Here is the list of tools and papers that can be used to audit and abuse the security of satellite technology, or shall we say the insecurity of satellite technology.

If you think we have missed on something that should be included in that list please e-mail authors at wifoo@arhont.com, or use Wi-Foo forum to upload relevant information.


Satellite tools - tools relating to Satellite technology.

Microsat Local mirror v0.91  
Pacsattools Local mirror
PC Track Local mirror v3.1  
Predict Local mirror v2.2.2 - Linux
Portable Predict Plus! Local mirror
v1.0 - Linux
SatTrack Local mirror

Satellite security and related links - this section contains links to the projects/papers relating to security and hacking of RFID devices.
JTrack-3D Java 3D Satallite tracking software (web based)  
JTrack Java Satellite tracking software (web based)  
Satellite related software
A range of tools related to satellite communication, tracking, etc.  
Satellite kits Ready made kits for satellite hacking and disassembly and much more  
Satellite vulnerabilities Satellite vulnerabilities as shown on DefCon4